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Alyssa Cole

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We've teamed up with @baobabbooks who have given us recommendations of their favourite black, female authors and we've named each mask after one of them. This mask is named after author, Alyssa Cole.

10% of all revenue made on maskswill go to BLM charity 'Trans Housing Coalition', a charity built to help get black, trans women off the streets and into safe housing.

You can read more about the charity here on their website:

Royal blue & gold baroque mask with with royal blue satin lining and frill strap.

Straps sit one over the top of the ear and one underneath and go around the head.

All our masks are also available with either white or black plain elastic that wraps around each ear on request (just pop it in the note section of your order).

Each mask has 3 layers including a filter layer in the middle and is washable & reversible.

Please note that each design is made with deadstock fabric (shop cut-offs, old clothes, curtains etc) & therefore is only available until we run out of fabric!

@baobabbooks says:

Alyssa Cole is first and foremost a romance writer. However, her recently released 'When No One Is Watching', is much less romance, and much more thriller. Think 'Get Out', but about gentrification.

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