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Our story

SAC Studio was first born as a small collection of lace bralets and pants in our little, crazy apartment in Barcelona. We were six girls enjoying life and finding our way in the world, experiencing all the beauty, love and magic Barcelona and each other brought into our lives. The influence of having so many women around me inspired me to create my first few pieces of lingerie. SAC are my initials and each piece of the collection is named after a woman in my life who has supported or inspired me in some way to make this venture come to life.

This is a project that celebrates the female body. It is for all women, irrespective of age or body shape and the designs are made to be flattering on everyone. We do not believe in the photo editing of bodies...We do believe in being naked or semi-naked as often as possible.

Our photos are taken around and about Catalonia, exploring its beautiful coastlines, always with friends as muses and a tapa despu├ęs.

If you'd like to collaborate, be one of our muses or be a part of the project in some way, get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!



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